BL workout videos. Who does them??

krysydawn Posts: 231 Member
What BL videos do you own? I currently only have 1.. The 2007 Cardio Max with Bob, Jillian and Kim.

But I would LOVE some new ones!!! If you havent tried Cardio Max, its great!! Try it!!


  • Simona38
    Simona38 Posts: 66 Member
    The only one I have is Last Chance Workout lead by Jillian. Love it but it's no longer challenging. I can do it now without breaking a sweat.
  • Jade_Butterfly
    Jade_Butterfly Posts: 2,963 Member
    I have quite a few of their workouts. . They are awesome. I have Jillians YOGA MELTDOWN, Killer buns and thighs, Bobs power walk, Burn fat boost the metabolism, Power walk. . I just love it.

    EDIT: I too have the Cardio Max video! and Last Chance workout!
  • LittleElephant
    LittleElephant Posts: 106 Member
    I've just bought "30 day jump start" and "power walking" but have yet to try either. Am hoping I get as much motivation to do them as I have with watching the show!