Low Fat or Low Carb?

suelegal Posts: 1,282 Member
I'm a low-carber. I find it works best for me, and actually helps my cholesterol. My recent tests showed my LDL at 68, my doc says anything over 40 is good and said mine is great. But I'm very careful to eat good fats, OMEGA-3 oils and stay clear of animal fats etc. I love veggies and get most of my carbs from fresh steamed veggies and salads. I only occassionally eat true whole intact grains (flax, organic brown rice, and seldom, organic barley. That's the hardest part of low-carbing for me, as I love breads and really have to resist them! I have many recipes but usually eat very simply, a protein, veggie and salad for most meals. I don't have time to cook in the evening and really dislike preparing ahead.

Any other low-carbers here?