Join our main groups. (Psst, thats where the fun is at!)

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Ok Ok.... MFP is fun too. But this is a different fun. :)

What is FFL?: Fit for Life

Where is our "home base"?: Facebook

Does it cost?: NO. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. $0!!!

What about MFP?: Please do NOT leave MFP. This is a wonderful site and we wish for you to stay here also. :)

How does it work?: You add one of the Admins as a friend on FB (temp if you'd like) and we select a FFL group for you to be added to. From there, you will participate in weekly challenges and weigh ins with the chance of being that weeks Biggest Loser. :)

Join is over there!! (Comment with the code: JoinFFL)
Tell us your fave color out of Red or Green and we'll add you to the corresponding team!!
You can also add -, send a message with the color (see above) and we'll get you added ASAP!


  • Melatonin
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    Make sure to hit up on FB with a red or green team preference! :)

    We have been more active there, but that can always change if we get more activity here too! :)

    Message me if you have any questions!