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GU chomps and stomach issues

MayMaydoesntrunMayMaydoesntrun Posts: 808Member Member Posts: 808Member Member
I tried GU chomps today for my second 7 mile run, ever. They seemed to work, seeing I didn't run out of gas at the end.

What I'm wondering is, the gassiness/bloating I'm experiencing, could it be from the chomps? I've read where they give some people stomach issues and I'm wondering if this is what they mean.

Otherwise, I may just be a gassy, bloated person today. :grumble:


  • bjbixlerbjbixler Posts: 258Member Member Posts: 258Member Member
    You did follow it with 3-4 oz of water? I know that you have to drink water with most midrace fuels to help with absorption and also to minimize tummy issues. Also, the ones with caffiene can cause tummy upset in some people (I once accidentally bought some with caffeine and didn't realize it til mid run. Not fun!)

    You may just have to try several different brands/flavors to find what agrees with you best.
    I personally like Clif shotbloks and powerbar energy chews.
  • MayMaydoesntrunMayMaydoesntrun Posts: 808Member Member Posts: 808Member Member
    Doh! I did not..that could be the culprit. I have another packet of chomps, I'll do it correctly next time and see if that helps. Thanks!
  • sunleighsunleigh Posts: 84Member Member Posts: 84Member Member
    my friend says they give her stomach issues, like have to run for a bathroom right now kind of issues. i never used them b/c she said that, that is the last thing i need;)
  • ninamm3ninamm3 Posts: 107Member Member Posts: 107Member Member
    Each time I've used GU, I've been sick to my stomach! I cannot use it ---bummer! ...and yes, I chase it with more than enough water. :/
  • MayMaydoesntrunMayMaydoesntrun Posts: 808Member Member Posts: 808Member Member
    I used a GU gel on my last long run, with plenty of water, and I experienced no unpleasant side effects. Well, other than the consistency being kinda weird..
  • 3dogsrunning3dogsrunning Posts: 27,238Member Member Posts: 27,238Member Member
    A friend of mine has the same problems. She likes the Cliff shot blocks. I tried them but they were super chewy and hard to eat, they kept sticking to my teeth, but maybe mine were just stale.

    I have no issues with Gu so I just stick with them.
  • nsdjoggernsdjogger Posts: 39Member Posts: 39Member
    Try the Jelly Belly Sport Beans. They're small so you can try 1 or 2 and see if that's enough of an energy supply without any side effects.
  • gleechick609gleechick609 Posts: 551Member Posts: 551Member
    I have the GU chomps and I feel like they do not work for me :(
  • trimom10trimom10 Posts: 473Member Member Posts: 473Member Member
    Let me first say I've never had stomach issues, but I've tried multiple brands (GU chomps, Power Beans, GU gel and Hammer gel) to find the best taste and form. I didn't care for the Power Beans or Chomps since you have to chew and they got stuck in my teeth.

    My favorite is Hammer Apple Cinnamon gel. It isn't as thick as the GU and that particular flavor tastes just like apple pie mmmmm. Plus, with the gels you just slurp them down and take a few swigs of water (the water part is important like someone mentioned earlier).
  • KimertRuns13_1KimertRuns13_1 Posts: 705Member Posts: 705Member
    Try the SportsBeans or Honey Stinger chews/waffles. I have horrible stomach issues anyway and these methods work well for me for fueling during long runs. I can't do Gu or GuChomps most of the time, even with the right amount of water.
  • thepetiterunnerthepetiterunner Posts: 1,260Member Member Posts: 1,260Member Member
    I've tried (and failed) using GU chomps. the GU packets themselves just creep me out.

    I guess I'm still messing around with what to eat. I've tried peanut m&ms, pretzel m&ms, gummy bears, protein bars, GU chomps, sports jelly beans... the only thing I've found that works for me over long distances (15+ miles) are tortillas.
  • trlrnrgrltrlrnrgrl Posts: 80Member Posts: 80Member
    Tortillas, that's awesome! And a good idea, too - I'm gonna try it.

    Chomps also make me feel bloated. So I've also had to play around with different foods because i start getting bloating and cramps on anything over about 8 miles if I don't eat the right foods. It seems like for me, I have to go with something easy to digest and no fiber. I think Chomps just make my stomach have to work too hard to digest, I guess.

    Gu does work well for me, but I get tired of eating them after 2 or 3 (so sweet). Something else that works great for me is almond butter for anything longer than 10 or 11 miles. I seem to need a bit of protein in addition to carbs, so carrying a packet of Justin's chocolate almond butter (which tastes awesome) works well. Because it's already ground into a butter (unlike whole nuts), it's easier on my stomach. I also like Newton's fruit crisps when I need some carbs but am tired of Gu. They are tasty and give me a good shot of carbs without bothering my stomach. Oh, and Oreos rock on my longer runs!
  • hslaterhslater Posts: 190Member Member Posts: 190Member Member
    I've tried most of the gels as well and had stomach issues with all but the Honey Stingers. If you like the taste of honey, they're great.
  • MayMaydoesntrunMayMaydoesntrun Posts: 808Member Member Posts: 808Member Member
    I love all these alternative ideas! I've become disillusioned with the chomps AND the gels..Tried the sports beans, didn't really work for me either. I still have some gels left, but I'm definitely going to try the tortillas and the oreos! :smile:

    and the honey stingers! I do like honey!
  • javamejavame Posts: 156Member Member Posts: 156Member Member
    Watching this thread eagerly, am experiencing stomach issues for anything over 3-4 miles:(
  • ccmccoy09ccmccoy09 Posts: 284Member Member Posts: 284Member Member
    I'm training for a half on 3/11. What's been working for me is Trader Joe's applesauce or apple-banana crushers and Stingers. I eat an applesauce crusher early on (mile 3-ish) and then another a couple miles later. They're only 40 calories though so 1 isn't enough. I like the pink lemonade Stingers for later on, around mile 9 or 10.

    I didn't like the taste of Sport Beans, and Gu and Gel both gave me tummy problems within 2 miles of eating. Which is too bad, because the chocolate Gu tastes like frosting out of a can and was delicious. Clif Shot Bloks were great but too bulky, but I might give them another go. I had the tropical punch flavor.
  • dsakdsak Posts: 367Member Member Posts: 367Member Member
    I've only tried the Chomps and had no issues, but... not sure I used enough. I'm struggling myself with all this "energy" stuff now that I'm starting to run longer/farther. I'm confused about when to take them (before, during or both?)... how much to take.... etc. Even with water or gatorade.... do I stop, drink and go? Drink on the run? UGH.... so many new things to think about!!! Guess I'll just have to experiment and see what works too!!!
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