Smudge-less Mascara?

Cait_Sidhe Posts: 3,150 Member
It's about time for me to replace my mascara. I've been using the same for years- Revlon Colorstay. I can't find it anymore though.

The thing is I have really long blond eyelashes. They extend out to touch my undereyes and eyelids. This leads to unsightly smudges. The colorstay mascara worked really well at staying in place.

I do not like waterproof mascara or eyeliner. I also have very sensitive skin around my eyes and certain products cause rashes around my eyes (which is why I stuck with the one brand for so long).

Anyway, any recommendations?


  • Becoming_A_Butterfly
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    I don't like mascara that flakes, smudges, or does anything but stay on my lashes! I like Avon's Wash-Off Waterproof mascara. I know you said you don't like waterproof, but I really don't notice any difference with this mascara, even when I'm trying to remove it with makeup remover. It comes right off with make up remover.

    No matter what mascara I use, a tip I read a long time ago and really works is to roll the mascara wand lightly onto a tissue or square of toilet paper before using it. It removes excess mascara that can cause glops and flakes.
  • nolachick
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    have u tried tarte's lights camera lashes or revlon grow luscious?