Chocolate Festival

KimmyEB Posts: 1,208 Member
I know, it's basically the antithesis of "healthy"...but is anyone else going to the Chocolate Festival at MOSI this weekend?? I got my tickets for Saturday. I can't wait! Never been to an event like it before. :happy:


  • paulcer
    paulcer Posts: 167 Member
    I'll look up a link. Never heard of it.

    I've been to wine and chocolate festivals in California that were glorious.
  • KimmyEB
    KimmyEB Posts: 1,208 Member
    This one is at MOSI....I'm a member, so I got in for $10, but I think normal ticket price for non-MOSI members is $20.95. I honestly have no idea what to expect. I do know they're doing chocolate and wine tastings, though! You have to reserve seats in advance, though. :tongue: