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I don't follow recipes when I cook, so I don't know if I'll ever be able to leave a recipe, BUT I did find an awesome noodle substitute today. It's called shirataki and it looks and tastes like a glass noodle. Best of all, it's only 2kcal for 100g!!!!

I used it in some soup tonight and it turned a cloudy white when boiled. In the package, it was really just one big long noodle. I didn't cut it up when adding it to the soup, but I recommend you do because it's a bit chewy. I found it a little bit difficult to cut easily with my teeth (partially because it kept slipping), so it could be a choking hazard. (I'm probably being overly cautious).

Anyway, I hope you can find it and make some use of it! (^_^)


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    I should give them a try! I've always been put off by the fact that they are konnyaku (that speckled grey jelly you get by the block in oden) and I just can't handle the stuff! I do cook with if for the family, and you are supposed to boil it quickly before using in recipies. And it smells nasty!

    It is actually a diet superfood, full of fibre and very good for the digestive system. It's made from the konnyaku (Devil's Tongue, aptly named) root.

    OK, having written about it I am now resolved to try the noodle version!:wink:
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    I didn't realise it was a variation of konnyaku, but it makes sense now.

    I did find it had a bit of a smell when I first opened the package, (not terrible though) but once added to the soup, the smell was completely nullified by the smell from the other ingredients. I think I'd like to try it cold sometime with the tsuyu usually used with zarusoba. I suspect it will taste better in a hot soup though.

    Good to know all it's health benefits! (^_^)