Skates: Riedell Wicked vs Riedell She Devil

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I'm in the market for a good pair of skates and am wondering if any of you girls have experience with these skates. I can't go much longer practicing in the 30 year old rental skates as I am developing some rather nasty calluses and blisters on my feet. Yum.

Thanks! :)


  • So much of it is prefrence really. I know a lot of the girls on my team have the 265 Riedell boots, including myself. Then you get into what trucks, wheels and bearingsto put on as well. It's all a trial and error guessing game really. I'd say your best bet would be to ask some of the girls on your team if you can try theirs on just to get a feel for what you may like.

  • I have the Wicked set up and for me I don't have a single foot complaint. Make sure you get fitted by a Riedell rep and you will be happy. Most people go too big on size and that is why they have blisters and tired feet. It needs to fit snug like a glove. good luck
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    MotivateMeg Posts: 110 Member
    Thank you ladies!