ToDo: Make one small change today!

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Hey Ladies! I woke up early to an idyllic morning: Sun shining, Birds singing, Warm promises of Spring around the corner....took a deep breath and remembered, I have to drag my aging dad around to multiple Doc appts. (emotionally straining), walk the dog, make time for a workout, iron the husbands shirts, make a healthy dinner then entertain a friend for craft night. Not to mention all the other little things in between.

I decided today i am going to make one small change in my thinking. Instead of feeling dragged down by everything I have to do, I am going to look at it in the positive!
I am spending time with my father who may not have much time left.
I am being the happy home-maker I left my job to be.
I get a workout in by walking the pup.
I get to nourish not only my body but my best friend's body with a healthy new recipe I have wanted to try (will post if it's good).
I get to spend an evening with someone I love making fun art and flexing my brain (and jaw) muscles!

Glorious day to all!!!!


  • CurveAppeal86
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    That is such a wonderful way to look at things.

    I am finding I am doing the same recently. Instead of worrying about things I don't have, I am enjoying the things I do!
  • That is great!! Instead of complaining about my current job I am going to be happy that I will a start a new one soon.