Zumba 1 or Zumba 2

barbara1982 Posts: 349 Member
Hi everyone!
I'll order Zumba for the Wii tomorrow, but I can't decide if I should take Zumba 1 or Zumba 2! What are your experiences? Which one would you buy?


  • 2jayjaysmom
    2jayjaysmom Posts: 248 Member
    Go to Amazon.com and read the reviews on both of them then make up your mind....I had #1 but my niece borrowed it before I could try it...so I purchased #2 and I like it so far....

    Whenever I want to try something I go to Amazon and read what others have said about it...You will have to look them up separately...

    Hope this helps:flowerforyou:
  • barbara1982
    barbara1982 Posts: 349 Member
    Thanks for your advice! Already read the comments on Amazon, but still wasn't sure so I thought I'll post a topic here!
  • jaime1029
    jaime1029 Posts: 21 Member
    I absolutley love my Zumba I have the second one. But I have never tried the first one. It amazes me how sweaty you get so fast!!
  • skbohanon
    skbohanon Posts: 15 Member
    I don't have the second one, but I thoroughly enjoy my first one! :)

    I haven't been able to do it in a week and it's killing me. I've been horribly sick with sinus infection. I'm so ready to feel better so I can get back to my Zumba!