my fellow baby mommas :P

Mariposa187 Posts: 344 Member
HELLO! I am so excited to find a group for pregnant mommies!!!! I am really needing support as my last three months approach. I love my friends i have now but i am not feeling the support because they are losing and i am trying to gain responsibly. I have a high risk pregnancy but i have been doing well. Its been scary especially after 2 miscarriages. Look forward to getting to know all of you! I am due july 7th. Feel free to add me! :)


  • newma6
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    Hey there Mariposa187! I wish you luck as you try to gain weight responsibly throughout this pregnancy. Just keep up the healthy lifestyle you had going before you were pregnant, and you should lose weight a little easier once the baby is here. Especially if you breastfeed, it's a great calorie burner. I pray the rest of your pregnancy and your baby are happy and healthy!
  • busyPK
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    Congrats! I also love my MFP friends, but I was happy to add other pregnancy mamas so we can experience this together. I'm not due until November 2, but feel free to add me. This is my 3rd pregnancy in less than 3 years. :smile: