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"You are eating too few calories"

jellybaby84 Posts: 583 Member
Is anybody else addicted to those stupid little red words?

I'm at a stage where I can happily go very close to 1200 at the moment (up to 1190 I am happy) and I'm really trying not to drop below 1100 but I CANNOT make myself eat even 1201 (to the extent that I will chop the end off a carrot or something to get rid of a pathetic 10 calories!) I just don't want to lose my warning message! Pathetic I know.

I don't get why it's so important to me but it's driving me crazy!


  • ALH1981
    ALH1981 Posts: 538 Member
    That is a bit obsessive... Perhaps you need to give MPF a bit of a break...???
  • aehartley
    aehartley Posts: 269 Member
    I totally understand.. I don't know that I gone a day without that warning.
  • PinkAndSparkle
    Ladies: I was the same way. Those little words were validating in some weird way. Something I have learned in therapy is that the rules don't just apply to everyone else, they apply to me too. Everyone needs to eat more to feed their do I. Everyone else needs xxxx calories to do I. These rules apply to all of you! We all need to eat enough to maintain basic life functions. If you plan ahead, it doesn't feel like binging when you hit 1200 and beyond. Give it a try for a few'll see the difference.
  • InTheInbetween
    InTheInbetween Posts: 192 Member
    I'm just more afraid of seeing the calorie total turning red lol. :blushing:
  • luvlyjanny
    luvlyjanny Posts: 85 Member
    omg i am exactly the same loll... i try to eat a lot more than i was eating before but i am still very very careful about what i have.. my doctors panicking about that but at least i am not restricting completely anymore : )... just need to push past the 1000 mark which is my limit so believe me you are doing better than me!! we will all get to that point someday when we dont panic and stress about 1 or 2 extra calories :)
  • jellybaby84
    jellybaby84 Posts: 583 Member
    Thanks for the support

    Sad that something harmful is validating isn't it!
  • jlyle73
    jlyle73 Posts: 13 Member
    I;m with you & probably even worse than that - the future weight thing~I'm obsessed with it being in the double digits - now I don't want to weight that, I did a few years ago & know I need to stay above 100, just seeing it makes me feel like I have some wiggle room or something. I have increased my calories over the past few weeks - up to around 1100 (I'm 5'2", I'm convinced I would need less to maintain than someone 5'10") & I've lost a pound or two so that is certianly encouraging & will keep me on a healthier track.
  • dancin2011
    dancin2011 Posts: 92 Member
    I'm just more afraid of seeing the calorie total turning red lol. :blushing:

    Then up your calories by 100 and stay right below? It's all a mind game.
  • o_delaisse
    o_delaisse Posts: 193 Member
    For me, it was the hardest thing about going over 1200 so I totally get you. It was like it affirmed my dedicated hardcore awesomeness! After I broke it though, increasing got a little easier (am usually on 1500-1600 these days, still not managing to eat the exercise calories though). It's nice not having the red words now, I've wanted to eat "normally" for so long, so I'm kind of a little proud of not having the red any more :)