Single Ladies



  • Jessica from NJ :)
  • scrapalooza
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    Hi! I will 47 in 4 days & have a 12 yr. old daughter.
  • I'm Jen in PA!
  • lol Marcos in Tucson,az
  • pinkkstarzzz
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    Hey everyone :smile:
    I'm Ashley, from Michigan.
    Hope to meet some awesome new people!
    Feel free to add me and good luck!!:heart:
  • biancain804
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  • jac_84
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    30 yr old Canadian from Niagara Falls, Ont
    single mom and business owner
    with an amazing life ahead of me, hoping to one day meet someone to share life with :))
  • SlimCuki
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    Ellie, in Georgia! :smile:
  • creisman73
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    Carlene, 40 y/o in NH
  • bananafannah
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    Nicole, 27, Pennsylvania.
    No kids (3 fur-babies), good job, and lots of likes! Love being single, just enjoy talking to people :) Love sarcasm and inappropriateness. If that's right up your alley, let me know!
  • kansas_mom
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    31 years old (32 next month), single mom to a 2 year old boy, and from north east Kansas.

    I hate being single, but love what little me time I do get. My mind is almost always in the gutter, I have a twisted sense of humor, and I'm full of sarcasm. I have a job that keeps me working 12 hour shifts, and I am regularly on call on top of that. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my runt, so I have little to no time to date. Please, someone tell me how to meet a good man without online dating when I've become a hermit... lol.
  • GeekyMommy528
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    I'm 28 years old from east Tennessee. I have a 9 year old son who is my world. :) I love playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, reading, and going for walks. I'm trying to challenge myself to get healthier and go out more often.
  • rueruechika
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    Rue hailing from Clarksville, TN.
  • Joannah700
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    Joannah from Laguna Beach, CA

    First time single in a decade...and getting used to it. For the most part liking it.

    I want to get fit. Fit as in, be able to do fun yoga moves, would last longer than 5 minutes in the zombie apocalypse, and maybe one day be able to do the splits.

    And a cartwheel.. I want to be able to do a cartwheel too.
  • CannibalisticVegetarian
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    Guess since I'm new to the group it'd make sense to post here instead of sitting quietly in the background.

    Dominique from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Err. On a weight loss journey and am all around bettering myself. I'm 27 without any children, and...err.. I dunno what else to throw in there. ^__^;
  • MariahRea
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    Mariah from Barstow, California.
  • odywithaj
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    Hi there, my name is Jody from Calgary, Canada.

    I'm getting used to being single again, and actually quite enjoying it ;) I'm in my 30's (still), my birthday is coming up soon, so time to start reflecting on what I've done this year ;)
    i run, hike, fly, camp, go snowshoeing and skiing. hang out with friends, read, and otherwise occupy myself. Always looking for more friends and motivation to get me out on the path though, so friend me :)
  • joannlohr9
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    JoAnn from VA:-)
  • HoneyFrogger
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    Wilma From Ireland :)
  • I am new to this site and to this group. So, hello all! Wish me luck! This is Lynn from Pittsburgh!