Was I hit by a truck recently? Nah, Insanity day 1!

AlyRoseNYC Posts: 1,075 Member
My husband and I did our first day of Insanity last night. He was dry heaving towards the end and I was sprauled on the floor sprinkling myself with the remnants of the Poland Spring bottle I drank. Today I feel like I was taped to the side of a building during 100mph hurricaine winds and then hit by a truck. So, all in all, I think it went well and I can't wait for workout #2 tonight!


  • jenngarza
    jenngarza Posts: 54 Member
    haha..I started yesterday and even my back fat is sore LOL
  • AWoods30
    AWoods30 Posts: 4 Member
    I also started yesterday but I just did the fit test and I was a little sore....and it whooped my butt!!!!:happy:
  • gregnell
    gregnell Posts: 2
    It was hard and I realize now how out of shape I've become. Day 2 better be ready for me.
  • DestroyTheOpposition
    DestroyTheOpposition Posts: 444 Member
    Oh.... it gets better... I just started month 2. :D