Cardio Power and Resistance. Your thoughts?

AlyRoseNYC Posts: 1,075 Member
Hey guys,

I'm doing the Cardio Power and Resistance DVD tonight for the first time (day 3). What kinds of exercises are featured in this workout? Does anyone have anything to share about their experience with it? I did the Plyometrics DVD yesterday and my legs are really feeling sore. I'm hoping that today has more of an influence on the upper body.


  • MsNewBooty83
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    its just as nutty! lol.
    just keep pushing through. once your warmed up and moving, you'll forget about how sore you are.
    keep breathing and go get it!!!
  • firedragon064
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    Lots of push up.
  • blusky86
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    i just completed my 3rd day cardio power & resistance i thinkl i burned 717 calories not really sure. i need to buy a calorie counter. Anyone know the average calories burned for this exercise or any one of them?
  • teenasbody
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    It's crazy but oh so worth it ! I just finished week 1 and I was sore the first 3 days but I'm fine today. it's hard like bumble pink says you will forget about after you warm up!

    calorie cow ter is a must for true count