What are you all DOING to get it going?

mjterp Posts: 655 Member
I'm chatty when I get the chance to be online. I have friends, but I WANT THIS GROUP! SO...I'm going to start chatting it up by asking...

WHAT do YOU do to get things going?

Examples of lifestyle choices that I have commited to in the last 2 months (I joined in August of 2010, but only started as a faithful user since early March of this year, and my weight loss reflects that.)

-DRINKING plenty of water every day
-MOVING every day (much improved since getting my fitbit April 4th. I have walked 50 miles so far!)

I am slowly but surely making healthier choices. I am dead set NOT to rush this, but to let it come off slowly so it is PERMANENT LOSS and won't just jump right back on the next time I walk past a bakery.

I look forward to hearing what YOU are doing to get it going (ultimately going...Going...GONE!)


  • mjterp
    mjterp Posts: 655 Member
    It has been a week with no postings on this group. I was hoping for a bit more support. I am leaving the group, but should things pick up, will someone please post/message me. I prefer to be involved in a group of people facing the same challenges! but I NEED the support and encouragement of others, so I will look elsewhere for now.
  • marca_june
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    I am having a very hard time this week and last week to get things going! I have had depression for about 30 years and it'll just sneak upon you. Have stress in my life............. So it has been very hard to get it going. Need some extra motivation. It is not going to be easy all the time. Have had weeks without a problem! Am going to read more posts, etc.