dead lift 352 yahoo

delmc1 Posts: 331 Member
.i have to have a quick brag ,did an all time pb last night lifted 352lb/160kg .
what makes me happier is i failed the first time ,walked away but knew i had it in me came back and gave it all .


  • tinytimsummers
    tinytimsummers Posts: 57 Member
    Good job!
  • trelm249
    trelm249 Posts: 777 Member
    Great job. Way to persevere.
  • chrisdavey
    chrisdavey Posts: 9,835 Member
    woah! Great stuff getting it on the 2nd!
  • taso42
    taso42 Posts: 8,980 Member
    Nice work!
  • JennieAL
    JennieAL Posts: 1,726 Member
    Congrats! And great that you didn't give up.
  • Elizabeth_C34
    Elizabeth_C34 Posts: 6,376 Member
    Good for you for going back and doing it! Great work!
  • Nataliaho
    Nataliaho Posts: 878 Member
    Well done, there's nothing like it!!!
  • myak623
    myak623 Posts: 616 Member
    Great job, man! Way to stick with it!
  • Natx83
    Natx83 Posts: 1,308 Member
    Well done on sticking it on the 2nd attempt! I had to do the same a month ago at 286lbs lol.
  • delmc1
    delmc1 Posts: 331 Member
    thanks everybody ,much appreciated .no better feeling than a new pb
  • Generalle
    Generalle Posts: 201 Member
    awesome work!! Nothing like feeling that the bar didn't get the best of you lol
  • mideon_696
    mideon_696 Posts: 770 Member
    Excellent work mate. I like the attitude. Keep it up and you'll get stronger and stronger.