You know what's fun?

Qarol Posts: 6,171 Member
Now that I'm squatting with decent form and up to 82 lbs...when I warm up with the empty 45 lb bar, it feels like nothing. I think I may need to start warming up with a bit more weight. rawr. That 45 lb bar that I couldn't lift and had to have husband pick up to place on the floor for the other exercises now feels so light to me.


  • Rae6503
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    That's awesome! I still only warm up with 45lbs. I should do more. My partner does 45lbs and 95lbs (He's also up to 155lbs, dumb boys) but I'm lazy.
  • odusgolp
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    I just love you. I can't wait to get off my butt and do this.
  • mamamudbug
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    You're right. I can remember it being such a struggle to just get it past parallel. I think I teared up the day I warmed up with it and figured out I could actually get atg with it.
  • Just_Dot
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    Look at Q go!!
  • ishtar13
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    Oh, yeah! I remember the day that happened.

    I still warm up with just the bar for a set, mostly because Rippetoe recommends it. I do 3-4 warm up sets with increasing weights, starting with the bar.
  • tameko2
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    I know! I looooove that feeling, grabbing the emptybar and feeling like its more or less just a stretching exercise for your back and a bodyweight warmup and not nearly FIFTY extra pounds (like an extra third of your regular weight)

    (PS you'll totally get there with 95 lbs too and its sweet. )
  • RunningDirty
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    This was a fun one. I love bar workouts now and the same, couldn't even lift the bar when I first tried to! Awesomeness. :drinker:
  • madisons_mummy
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    I feel like I can't squat with just the bar. I sort of wobble because its light. I'm fine when its got some weight on it :)
  • stormieweather
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    Hmm, to warm up, I do ATG goblet squats on the balance disc while my partner does his normal squat sets. Helps get me stretched out and works my core at the same time.