• treetop57
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    I didn't have the heart to read past "gays need to leave America." It is amazing how much vitriol people have inside them. And sad.
  • owndbycatz
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    I, on the other hand, support GAYISM. ;)
  • EvanKeel
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    I'm going to the store tonight. I'll be buying Oreos. I won't eat them, but I'll buy them.
  • owndbycatz
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    Evan Hurst at TWO offers up his typically snarky take on it:
  • treetop57
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    Too funny, Ownedbycats. I didn't get the gayism joke until I read that last entry at TWO!


    We do have our own island: Fire Island!
  • tameko2
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    ITs weird to see people's facebook pictures next to their nuttiness. Its like "hello here is a totally normal happy person NO WAIT I AM A CRAZY PERSON J/K LOLOLOLOLOL" I mean someone said something like "god wants you to be men and women, not gays and lesbians" <-- Whaaa?

    Its ok though because god probably doesn't want them to eat oreos anyway. Damn. I feel like I should buy some oreos too but unlike Evan I won't NOT eat them if they are in my house. And also just thinking about them makes me want them. I want to eat like 6 of them. At once. And then whine at my husband for letting me eat 6 oreos because I really only like the insides but I eat the outside anyway because it always tricks me into thinking it might be tasty, but it isn't and it gets stuck in your teeth and also the insides are too sweet so I get sick of just eating those and I want osmething to cut the sweetness.

    Come to think of it I don't really like oreos that much. But I'd eat them anyway. #thisiswhyimonMFP
  • wyldling
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    I'm not a fan of Oreos or really Kraft (even though they are pretty much everything) but they have won my support on this issue. I just love reading the hate reviews that people post, though. People are idiots.
  • kskroch
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    I haven't had one in years. maybe I could mooch one from someone...
  • kyle4jem
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    O M G !!!

    I hate to say it, but really and truly... Only in America!!!

    I think it's a brilliantly simple but visually very striking, and dare I say it, brave campaign on the part of Kraft foods, but hell when you've as huge a global presence as they do, I guess they're not too worried about p*ssing off a few fundy nutjobs along the way.
  • jerber160
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    [I'm not a fan of Oreos]
    I haven't had one in years. maybe I could mooch one from someone...

    stunned. absolutely stunned. 53 calories in these little nummies... I RUV THEM and fit them into my diet any time I get the craving.. mmmmmm
    oh,, and I've seen this kicking around for a couple of days and didn't give it any thought. amazing ... boycott foreign oil for god sake..