My T.A.R.D.I.S. door

NaurielR Posts: 429 Member
Two years ago, when I was a Junior in college, I was still living in the dorms. I decided that the bland door needed some decoration. And blue paper was a mere 15 cents per foot. Thus, the TARDIS door was born.


And here's a picture of the white board, where I got a bit creative in my drawing.

Sadly the TARDIS door had to be torn down at the end of the year, and remains only in pictures. But it was a great door, and I even met some Doctor Who fans living in the same dorm.


  • maab_connor
    maab_connor Posts: 3,927 Member
    that is AWESOME!!! i keep threatening to paint one of the doors in my house. but that you did this with paper on the dorm door? you win at LIFE!
  • Prince_Syu
    Prince_Syu Posts: 13 Member
    Im sooo jelly! XD I have a stand up tardis but no where to put it!! now I want to make my door the Tardis xD