Hair removal

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So it's not exactly "Make-up," but, it does have to do with health&beauty stuff, so I figured this was an appropriate place to approach this topic. :tongue:

I live in Florida, where we can wear shorts *almost* year-round. We all know shaving sucks. A lot. I always get Groupon deals for laser hair removal, and even considered getting one, but the deal expired before I could be penciled in with that particular salon for a consultation, and I definitely don't want to spend that much money on something before I receive a consultation from the doctor performing it.

Has anyone here had laser hair removal done? If so, pros and cons?

On the flip-side, I'm considering buying this:

I seem to be a prime candidate for either--very pale skin and dark hair. I'm leaning more towards the Silk'N Flash&Go, since I can always return it if I don't like it, whereas if something happens at the doctor, I can't exactly return that experience. I can also do it in my own home on my own time, instead of commuting to an office to get it done. Has anyone used this particular device?

Thanks for any feedback. :flowerforyou:


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    I live in Florida too, and I agree, shaving sucks! I haven't tried laser hair removal, so I will be interested in anyone's feedback too.
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    I had laser hair removal done about 5 years ago - haven't shaved since. I went to a plastic surgeon's office to have it done. It's my understanding that the lasers at salons and medi spas are not the same. Gadgets sold at Nordstrom and Sephora, definitely not the same. I bought a Tria last year and it didn't work at all, slowed it down for a few months, but it all came back.