WOD's with a Knee Injury

A few weeks ago, I hurt my knee. I've been to the doctor, and he advised me to not to any running, rowing, or squats for at least two weeks. No high impact stuff. I also do push-ups on my knees, so I was advised against those. Any advice on good WOD's that don't involve any of that stuff? Or am I out of luck?

I hate taking big breaks from Crossfit.


  • lostalykat
    lostalykat Posts: 683 Member
    Are you working out on your own or with a box? If you have a box the trainer or instructor should be able to mod anything so you can do it.
  • BrendarB
    BrendarB Posts: 2,770 Member
    ^ what she said

    if you are doing it at home, kettlebells, plank holds, situps, pushups off the wall - there are a lot of stuff you can do.
  • Mummyadams
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    What is your injury? I damaged my cartilage a few weeks ago from overdoing the running and my physio advised NO running & NO eliptical machine (too much impact) but OK to bike. I did the bike for 2 x weeks and now it's all good. Talk to your instructor to see what you can do to keep training but not to aggravate the injury.Good luck - sucks when you can't train properly.