new southerner

tigerlinly Posts: 219 Member
i'm from Mississippi and i just joined Saturday night i'm still learnign the site but i think i am making progress main area of concern is staying motivated i tend to panic theni start sabatoging my own weight lose to where i cant lose


  • HeavysetPat
    HeavysetPat Posts: 19 Member
    Welcome, and please, never panic, whatever you do, dont ever panic, just calm done, remember what your goals are, and just be patient for the NEW YOU, cause you will get there
  • rhondawparker
    rhondawparker Posts: 26 Member
    Hey! I am from Mississippi, too! Wanna be friends? I live in the Central part of the state and joined in May. Have S-L-O-W-L-Y lost 10 pounds with MFP when I have NEVER been able to lose weight wth any other program. I really like the friendships and support you get here. There have been times when I have been stuck at a weight for days and days, but the support and advice I got on MFP helped me perservere and the scale finally moved!

    Good luck to you!