Anyone running the Go! St Louis 10k?

Is anyone out there running the Go! St Louis 10k on Oct 14? With it being the Halloween edition run where a lot of people dress up, what are you planning on dressing up as...


  • ausped
    ausped Posts: 58 Member
    Don't think that I am this year but it is one of my favorite races.
  • liog
    liog Posts: 347 Member
    I am! I don't know that I'm going to dress up in a costume. Depending on how my September 10k goes, I may need the Go! 10k for placement in the half marathon I'm doing in February and I don't want a costume to get in the way. But, I will definitely have a Halloween flair to my attire. I'll probably spray my hair with color or glitter or something. I saw some Halloween running socks somewhere and may buy those. Maybe some new compression sleeves in a Halloween color.