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Your short term goal related to weight/health?

TNFirefly Posts: 169 Member
I want to be in the 300s by Sept 12, my 40th birthday. I have played around for a little while with the same 3-5 pounds up and down, up and down....time to kick it in gear. That would be about 30 pounds in 31 days. I am more focused on working out and watching the processed food items more closely with my McDougall food plan.
Anyone else?


  • KittenKittyKitteh
    KittenKittyKitteh Posts: 52 Member
    I want to lose 50lbs by Christmas 2012

    I started Mid July and I'm down 20lbs. I'm losing nearly 5lbs a week. I'm trying to set my goals for 50lbs at a time since I have so much to lose. I'll reward myself with something special each time with my final reward being a trip to Disney world!

    Good luck with your goal!
  • TNFirefly
    TNFirefly Posts: 169 Member
    That's a big one! Good luck to you!!!!!

    I am adding a bead to my charm bracelet for every 30 pounds I lose. I am about to have my first bead, and hopefully can add a second on my birthday. I am rejoining the zumba class at the gym tomorrow night.