August Weigh-Ins



  • mirna_ayala0428
    mirna_ayala0428 Posts: 406 Member
    25NYS goal weight:

    Current weight: 200

    Pounds lost today: 0

    Pounds lost total: 42

    Pounds remaining: 52 - 72

    Your thoughts: Don't know what the heck is wrong with me. Can't seem to get it together. I keep eating and not sure why. More like binging. I need to seriously hunker down and plow through whatever is eating me inside and making me eat.
  • roxy77007
    25NYS goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 173
    Pounds lost today: 2
    Pounds lost total: 2

    Pounds remaining: 23!
    Your thoughts: I am super excited to meet this challenge!
  • dalissalee
    dalissalee Posts: 289 Member
    I am aiming to lose 34 lbs... So right there with you.
  • JustiineMR
    JustiineMR Posts: 38 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 164

    Current weight: 178

    Pounds lost total: 11

    Pounds remaining: 14

    Your thoughts: Although I am proud of what I've lost so far, I would still like to find a way to include more exercise into my days!
  • Geneva1978
    25NYS Goal weight:140

    Current weight: 160.5

    Pounds lost: 4.5

    Pounds remaining: 20.5

    To be quite honest I'm really shocked but pleased to see results in just 10 days. I have been doing little things and its making a big difference! I am anticipating my weigh- in next week to see if this was a fluke! But I'll keep it up, no matter what!!!
  • CupcakeHarpy
    CupcakeHarpy Posts: 100 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 215

    Current weight:239.8

    Pounds lost today: 0

    Pounds lost total: 0

    Pounds remaining: 25

    Your thoughts: I'm coming in late, but I could still reach the goal if I lose 1.5lb per week. It's attainable, but I think it would be difficult. I'll return on Thursdays and post the results, then again on New Year's day. My mom passed this last new year's day after a lifetime of bad health choices. It would mean a lot to know that on the first anniversary I am leading a healthier life than before.
  • anne018
    anne018 Posts: 33 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 150

    Current weight: 178

    Pounds lost total: 22

    Pounds remaining: 28

    Your thoughts: I was in the hospital for Diabetic Ketoacidosis so i lost a **** ton of water weight and muscle mass, but now im gaining it all back my dieteician is telling me to eat every 4 hours -_- its gonna be hard to lose all the 28 lbs but i know i can do it!! no matter how long it takes me
  • sfergy
    sfergy Posts: 31 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 145

    Current weight: 166.6

    Pounds lost today: 2.4

    Pounds lost total: 3.4

    Pounds remaining: 21.6

    Your thoughts: Drink more water, walk more
  • Energyflows
    25NYS goal weight: 137 lbs (62kg)
    Current weight: 143 lbs (65kg)
    Pounds lost today: 1.98 lbs (0.900kg)
    Pounds lost total: 20.1 lbs (9.1kg)
    Pounds remaining: 6.6 lbs (3kg)

    Your thoughts: Again, I'm really happy with the progress I am making - sport wise but also in the kitchen.
    My thoughts go to the food I put in my mouth and the strenght I'm building :-) Oh that's a sweet victory.

    Right now I'm still training for a 6KM for the 23rd of september.

    I hope you are all having success!
  • GinaBeana1121
    GinaBeana1121 Posts: 49 Member
    25NYS Goal Weight- 117 (new)
    Current Weight : 133.8
    Pounds lost today: 0
    Pounds Lost Total: 0.4
    Pounds Remaining: 16.8
    Thoughts: been under a lot of stress recently, started a new school,etc and this isn't helping my stress levels! Lol I'm going to change it up this week, maybe try eating 1200 net calories instead of just 1200 in. We will see!
  • ellie78
    ellie78 Posts: 375
    25NYS Goal Weight- 135
    Current Weight : 162.8
    Pounds lost today: +2.2
    Pounds Lost Total: +2.2
    Pounds Remaining: 27.8
    Thoughts: I'm not surprised by the gain this week. I came off a really bad weekend of eating and drinking and proceeded to eat way too much sodium into a TOM week. Believe it or not this is actually down a couple pounds from where I was in the middle of the week so I expect this is probably just bloat that will continue to fall off over the next couple days. On the upside I am 1 successful week into a goal of 4 weeks with no alcohol! My fridge is stocked with healthy options this week and I'm looking forward to finally starting to see the scale move in the right direction with my worst self-sobtage item removed from the equation!
  • dalissalee
    dalissalee Posts: 289 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 185

    Current weight: 218.2

    Pounds lost: 2 lbs

    Pounds lost total: 28

    Pounds remaining: 33 (I'd rather shoot for losing 35 by NYE than 25- based on my current monthly loss)
  • Hibiscus1984
    25NYS goal weight: 130

    Current weight: 153.4

    Pounds lost today: 2

    Pounds lost total: 5.6

    Pounds remaining: 23.4

    Your thoughts: No beer this weekend = actual loss at weigh-in! Still sad about the lonely beer in my fridge though...
  • dewilson84
    dewilson84 Posts: 2 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 153
    Current weight: 176
    Pounds lost today: -
    Pounds lost total: -

    Pounds remaining: 23
    Your thoughts: My first weigh-in as I've just joined the group, but I'm so excited for the accountability and support!
  • ZivileZu
    ZivileZu Posts: 56 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 115

    Current weight: 133

    Pounds lost today: 2

    Pounds lost total: 6

    Pounds remaining: 18

    Your thoughts: Didn't lose as much as I've expected this week... but any pound counts I suppose :)
  • KodAkuraMacKyen
    KodAkuraMacKyen Posts: 737 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 140
    Starting weight: 171
    Current weight: 165.2
    Pounds lost: 5.8
    Pounds remaining: 25.2
  • elf618
    elf618 Posts: 317 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 175
    Current weight: 195.8
    Pounds lost today: 6.8
    Pounds lost total: 7.0
    Pounds remaining:20.8

    Your thoughts: I've really been sticking to my plan and logging everything and working out most days. This loss gives me inspiration not to cheat during my business trip but to buckle down and try as hard a I can to stick to my Plan and when it is not acceptable to do so to work out extra to account for that. Thanks everyone for the motivation!
  • CDeRuyter
    CDeRuyter Posts: 75 Member
    8/26 update

    25 NYS Goal: 135
    Current weight: 151.5
    Pounds lost today: - .5
    Pounds lost total: 2.6
    Pounds remaining: 16.5

    Your thoughts: Annoyed. Judging by my clothes, you'd think I'd lost more. That darn 150 is a number I am DETERMINED to get below. Wish me luck.
  • Sugarhoneyicedtea
    25NYS goal weight: 150

    Current weight: 175.4

    Pounds lost today: 3.4

    Pounds lost total: Since the start of the challenge? 3.4

    Pounds remaining: 25.4

    Your thoughts: The ugly AF has reared her ugly head, so I'm hoping to be down more next week. Uggggh. Need to eat fewer carbs, too. Bad me!
  • mirna_ayala0428
    mirna_ayala0428 Posts: 406 Member
    25NYS goal weight: 148

    Current weight: 197.4

    Pounds lost today: 2.6

    Pounds lost total: 44.6

    Pounds remaining: 49.4

    Your thoughts: This was a good week. I actually had gone down to 194.7 saturday but that night we went out and had margarita and some delicious mexican food. I'm slowly getting more focus. Incorporating some GNC pills and protein shakes. I'm preparing meals and snacks for the week. I'm also getting my workout clothes ready for the week. Feeling renewed. ;o) Ready to tackle anything and everything.!!! ;O)
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