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Weekly Weigh IN, Week of Aug 27 to Sept 2

shlobiwan Posts: 109 Member
Hello everyone!

Let's help each other through this journey week over week. Please post your progress for the week of August 27 to September 2 in this thread! Here are some suggestions for what to post:

Weigh-In Day:
Starting weight:
Week #:
Current weight:
Difference from previous week:
Difference overall:
Any goals, SVs or NSVs acheived:


  • libbi
    libbi Posts: 45 Member
    Week 5
    Monday 8/27/12
    SW: 196.6
    CW: 192.8
    Loss this week: -1.0
    Total loss: -3.8

    This is ind of cheating though because I weighed last night at this weight an d this morning was 193.6!! I took last night's weight to keep from being so discouraged.

    NSV today!! I finished the day with POINTS left over!!! I think I'm going to have a snack to use them, BUT I am not running over!! Yay!!
  • mlanggin88
    mlanggin88 Posts: 209 Member
    Hello, I normally weigh in on Friday. So I will set a reminder to post something on here then! hopefully the scale will budge I was 277.00 even Friday morning and this morning I am 278.6. I def want to be lower by Friday tho! I know clean eating and lots of activity will help! Just got to stay motivated to do it!
  • GottaGetSlimAndSexy
    I'll be starting on 9/8 :)
  • jalara
    jalara Posts: 2,599 Member
    Thanks for taking this on ladies!

    mlanggin88 - I know what people have done in the past is give their Friday weigh-ns the following Mondays, since it's only a 2 day difference instead of a 5 day difference.
  • AleksD3
    AleksD3 Posts: 194 Member
    Week 3 weigh-in: +2 pounds

    sw: 217 lbs
    cw: 212 lbs
    gw: 130 lbs
  • shlobiwan
    shlobiwan Posts: 109 Member
    Weigh-In Day: Wendesday, August 29
    Starting weight: 182.2
    Week #: 2
    Current weight: 178
    Difference from previous week: -2.4
    Difference overall: -4.2
    NSV: I aggravated an old knee injury three weeks ago. I've been slowly doing more and more in karate class but have not made it through a full class, until today!
  • bmacholiday
    bmacholiday Posts: 296 Member
    Weigh-In Day: Friday
    Starting weight: 254.6
    Week #: 2
    Current weight: 248.4
    Difference from previous week: 4.2
    Difference overall: 6.4
    Any goals, SVs or NSVs achieved: Didn't eat fast food at all this week.
  • FluffyBottom82
    FluffyBottom82 Posts: 14 Member
    Week 7 Data

    Weigh in Day - Sunday
    weight lost this week - .5
    Total lost since starting WW 7 weeks ago - 27.8
    Goals accomplished - Exercise more, and drink less coke.