THIN it to WIN it- Week 2 Challenge!

spaceEF Posts: 142 Member
Two for week two! Try both or just one for fun!

Complete a total of 8 minutes of planks this week.
Only perfect form counts!

And/or In whatever exercises you participate, try to add ten more minutes to each of your sessions this week!

(Maybe try to incorporate last week's challenge as well....let's build upon our new healthy habits!)


  • kelseysarah002
    kelseysarah002 Posts: 8 Member
    Awesome! deff going for the xtra 10 mins on each workout! trying wiht the water still *although i will admit i often forgot* and will give the planks a go this week too! good luck to all Thin It To Win It Lovelies out there!
  • dcummings80
    I like it! Will do!
  • anzielinger
    anzielinger Posts: 11 Member
    This is a great idea!! I'm up for the challenge :)