40 lbs to lose

Start Sept 18/12 ... End December 31/12

*List your current weight and what you want to lose in 15 weeks, and how you'd expect to get there.

181.6 i'd like to lose 40lbs
1200 calories a day, intense exercise 4 times a week, with one hour of cardio, moderate 60 min walk at least 3 times per week.

*Thoughts for the week on diet/exercise. Struggles and success.
struggle with having patience to lose the weight slowly, trying not too drop too low in calories, trying not to beat myself up over how big i've gotten

*What to change or improve for the next week to help you get throught the next 15 weeks. Set mini goals for the upcoming week.
mini goal for the upcoming week: stay above at least 1100 calories, exercise 5 times per week

*Most importantly, support but complete honesty with yourself and others.