bad form - last rep(s)

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so I had somebody at the gym watching my form today and he told me that I can hurt my back as i push through 4th and 5th rep of squat rounding my back. No I know I do that, my form is bad on the last reps, but l do perfect 5x5 on lower weight, and it is time to work with higher weight even though I can't complete full 5x5.
My question is what should I do?
Should I complete 4 reps and when I feel that I'm rounding my back on the 5th go back down and leave the bar on the rack?
Or is it ok to push through the last rep with the bad form?

I do drop weight when I notice my back is rounding with deads, but I push through with bench (no spotter so that's the only way) I do the same with OHP. Is it really bad? What do you girls do when you struggle on the last rep?


  • Yanicka1
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    When I do deads and feel my form getting bad toward the end, I take a pause. 10-15 second is enough to usually do the 4 rep and if form is still bad I don't do the 5th and consider that a fail.

    I only do that on the deads because it is my heavier lift so the chances of getting hurt are more important.
  • Qarol
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    If I'm struggling on the last rep, enough where my form breaks, I consider it a fail, and simply don't increase weight next workout.
  • Martucha123
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    Thanks girls! I do not count reps with bad form as completed, and I continue with the same weight until I can do 5x5 with good form. But I wonder if its dangerous to go on with the bad form. Especialy when it comes to squat. I would say no, as long as its only last rep... but that guy made me wonder.
  • Jaxster92708
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    I am a newbie at this (just completed my first week) and am already failing at OHP and Pendlay rows. I just plan on not increasing the weight next workout. I do not count reps done with poor form as completed, I am counting it as a fail.
  • nexangelus
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    Yep, as soon as form fails then it means you are not completing the lift, so same here, I count it as a failed set...and only increase when I can lift all 5 in the set comfortably.