Week 5 Challenge(s)

spaceEF Posts: 142 Member
Moving right along into our fifth week , let us all be even or under our daily caloric intake goal for at least 5 out of 7 days this week!

It can and will be done!

^^^^^^---- which leads to our other suggested goal as a group!

Let us not get down on ourselves this week and lets celebrate even our most little of accomplishments. You skipped an extra snack with lunch and maybe had a little dessert instead at dinner. Great! Cut the calories where you can.

You usually walk up the hill in your neighborhood, but today you leaned into it and picked up the pace a little. Awesome! Every little extra push will help!

Let us try to motivate one another this week (and maybe the rest of the challenge) into breaking our old habits and not letting one another get discouraged if a bad habit does creep up one day.