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Well a month and a half in and how is everyone feeling?!


  • Liekel
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    I lost 1lb this week that makes it 15lb in total. I have met 3 of my goals but feeling a little disheartened as my progress has really slowed but none the less ill keep plodding on until I get there :-D I know I will get there!!
  • JoyfulToday
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    It's been a while since I logged in sorry about that! I got a job and took a trip to see my boyfriend :). My new job requires me to stand and walk around all day and I have definitely seen it on the scales! I dropped a pound in a week where I ate like 6 doughnuts (they were free! Not an excuse I know) because of all this extra movement! I bought dress pants in a size that I thought was well behind me which was unexpected but nice, and I'm not sure if my boyfriend noticed since it had been so long but he gave the perfect answer: "But I really liked you before too!" :)

    The hard part is now exercise...I get up at 5:45 and don't get home till late in the evening by which time I'm exhausted from standing all day and the last thing I want to do is run...and honestly that pounding on my feet might not be too healthy for them after they are sore.

    Do any of you ladies have full time jobs and manage to exercise in your free time?? I'm trying to be creative and flexible in finding a way to exercise beyond just my 8 minute abs :)