Does Anyone else's knees hurt?

StephFork Posts: 182 Member
I think I may of pulled something in my left knee during the jump rope jumping yesterday and after waking up this morning it still hurts and my right knee joints are a little sore too. Just wondering if this is normal.
On a happy note today is day 4!!


  • kenazfehu
    kenazfehu Posts: 1,188 Member
    No, that's not normal.

    I strained a knee a few weeks ago during a fall and thought it had healed, but the shred has shown me that it hasn't. I'll have to change to a lower impact exercise.
  • healthyversionofme
    healthyversionofme Posts: 111 Member
    knees should not hurt...i would take it easy and make sure you are doing the moves right...jillian empasizes during the video when to make sure your knees arent going over your foot for this safe!
  • Can't say my knees hurt, but I noticed that my left shin was feeling a bit sore during the jumping exercises. I had to dial it back a bit.
  • StephFork
    StephFork Posts: 182 Member
    Thanks girls! I'm pretty sure I stepped/jumped funny while doing the jump rope motion. I'm also pretty positive I'm doing the moves right because I've recently worked out with a trainer with these same type of moves before I was pregnant. I also had my hubby watch my moves to make sure I wasn't too far over on everything. I even streatch out longer before and after my shred workout. Oh well.. I iced the back of my knee where it hurts and took a rest day even though I didn't want to so we shall see what today brings!