Is Nike+ or the treadmill more accurate???

kjm3579 Posts: 3,974 Member
I just bought a Ipod Nano with Nike+ on it and today when I ran it said I did just over 7K but the total on the treadmill was 3.25 or just over 5K. The iPod asks for height and weight to set up but maybe it needs to be recalibarated??? I'm wondering which you guys believe is more accurate.


  • RunnerInVT
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    How fast were you long did it take? Then you can estimate distance. go to tools and calculators. Happy Running. :)
  • pabscabs
    pabscabs Posts: 61 Member

    The Nike+ needs to be calibrated. That's why the distance was off. I had the same problem. I used a 5K race to calibrate mine but any set distance should do it. There are instructions on how to do it in Nike+.

  • Bug2love
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    Once it is calibrated it should be pretty even. I run with mine on the treadmill and the distances are close to a .01 mile off.