Welcome Ladies

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Before we get started on December 1st. I wanted to explain the goal of this challege. LOSE WEIGHT and INCHES! Pretty simple right? Well it is and it is even more helpful when you get by with a little help from your friends. I think we can all agree that having a close knit group of people with the same objective, makes any process just a little easier.

So we will have weekly weigh-ins on Fridays. Everyone should keep measurements of their waist, chest, arms, hips, and thighs to compare after the 8 weeks. We are here to support each other, share triumphs and struggles and actively participate at the very least every few days. I know we all have busy lives, as I am a full-time student, work full-time, and am I a full time mommy. So I totally understand busy, but my theory is if we have time to surf the web, watch tv, check twitter, instagram, and facebook....we can come support our friends right?!

I named the group "Brockin Body Fitness" Weight Loss Challenge because when the weight loss portion of my fitness journey is all said and done...this is the name of my fitness company that I am in the process of creating. So I figured what the hay...might as well start the branding now lol. But if anyone has any objections to the name, please feel free to let me know, I will in no shape or form take it as a blow to my ego :) I want everyone to be happy and feel a part of the group!

So with that being said!!! Let's do this ladies!!!


  • Febes24
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    weekly weigh in's no possible for me college student without scale and gym scale is broken
  • H2596
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    Well, I've signed up but I'm not really sure what I've let myself in for. I am new to MFP although have been "faffing about" for 2 years on WW going up and down the same few pounds. I have 16lbs to goal and hope to get and give loads of motivation. Good luck everyone.
  • sabrinalg
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    Working on my health and fitness now, but so ready for the December challenge so bring it on and let's ROCK it out!
  • ShannanLaNae
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    Im so ready! Its been quite some time since I have done a challenge, even longer since i have completed one, so I am ready to get this body in shape!
  • crissy97
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    lets do this ! i am so pumped also i am preety new here i dont know what to do
  • rml386
    I'm glad there is a weight loss challenge group here! I am going to start now, but I will certainly need the support to keep this lasting through the new year with all of the holiday parties: food and laziness will be abound! In any case, I'd like to lose 10-12 pounds by the end of all of this (unless of course I'm building muscle), so I hope you all can support me through this like I will support you! Thanks!
  • SlinkyPinkyBunsOfSteel
    I'm more or less looking to lose inches, and maybe another 7lbs. I've lost 51lbs so far in the past 17 months but the last 7lbs doesn't want to go! My stats are:
    CW: 139.6
    GW: 132 (maybe 129?)
  • healthydoseofglitter
    So excited will measure everything again closer to 12/1 ... just started 30DS for my exercise .... always love when Krys has groups she is a WONDERFUL motivator! I love the name girl!
  • Noonoo757
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    im so in still need to shed some baby weight
  • mommyRN0811
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    I would like to join this challenge!! :)
  • deslaine
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    Hi to all, I really need this support! I get so easily unmotivated. I'm too emotional at times and this affects my mood making me not want to do anything. I never thought that I needed support but I realize that when you talk to others with the same struggles, you provide encouragement as well, so please count me in,
  • cdiele
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    I am looking forward to the challenge especially during the holidays!
  • Fleur933
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    Together...we got this!

    Friend me ladies...I need all the help I can get!
  • robynrae_1
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    I am ready for the challenge. I need as much help and motivation that I can get to make it throught the holidays.
  • ontheskinnyroad
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    Can't wait!