Ok...So I am little disappointed

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Hello ladies! Ok, so I am not going to even lie, I am a bit saddened by the lack of participation on the challenge. Now this may be my fault, because I should have waited until the New Year to start a challenge. However, I want us to all start anew and start committed. So again, I want us to share with the group what we are looking to accomplish with this challenge and how much weight or how many inches you are looking to lose.


  • Krys_T
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    I am looking to lose about 35 to 40lbs with this challenge. I have to go balls to wall no matter what!!!
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    I want to lose at least 70 in all
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    Hey Krys, I was a little disappointed as well, I really love challenges as they help me to stay focused, but I felt some of the problem was a lack of overall participation...It's kinda hard for one, two or three people to carry a challenge, so I agree with you and I'm definitely not a quitter, so let me start with my original introduction and then I will give you a little update.

    " Hello, My name is Carmen and I'm 41, married and we have a teenage daughter. I am a registered nurse and I live in Louisiana. I started out at 455 lbs, I am currently 272 lbs with an 8 week goal of 20 lbs. I love Zumba and I am very excited to participate in this challenge and look forward to getting to know each of you!"

    Update: I am currently 263ish (I weigh in on Monday) and I have an 8 week goal of 20lbs (if we are still going 8 weeks?) I still look forward to getting to know everyone and Krys can you clarify the weigh in days, originally they were Fridays, but then changed to Mondays at the very beginning? Thanks!
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    Hi! I would love to join the challenge! What does it entail? How many weeks or months? Please let me know what I have to do in order to participate. Thanks! Looking forward.
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    No excuses...i haven't been logging honestly or working out...but these lbs are coming off.

    I want to lose 15 lbs for this challenge
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    Just checking in......Waiting for details of when the challenge will begin again.
  • I recommitted today. I was acutally thinking that this morning on my drive in to work. I shouldnt have joined a challenge knowing I was going to be gone for my honeymoon and then the holidays right behind it. Weighed in this morning (not as bad as I thought). Glad I lost 5lbs before the honeymoon\holidays because thats basically what I gained back. My goal today is to drink a GALLON of water to flush my system. I throw out all the junk in my house, made a monthly dinner meal plan, and bought healthy snacks. Tonight my friend is coming over to work out.