MSG Info, incl hidden sources and foods to avoid

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I found two things which may be of interest to those who are sensitive or allergic to MSG.

From MSG (
Things to Avoid:

From Truth in (
A list of hidden sources"

If you take a look, please give me feedback on the links -- e.g. Are they helpful?

I am sensitive to MSG in things like Doritoes and other junk food, but haven't given other foods that much thought. I wonder if this is why I sometimes feel sick after eating at a restaurant and just don't know why that is.


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    I've referred to the first quite a bit. MSG and free glutamate in general give me severe headaches and swelling, so I am very careful about it. Some of the primary things I watch out for are:

    anything hydrolized or autolyzed
    "no MSG added" - this typically means that one of the ingredients has MSG in it.
    umami as part of the description
    spice blends with "spice extract" or a lack of every ingredient listed out

    When shopping, dressings, soups, sausages, and almost any packaged seasoned product are potential sources. Reading labels becomes absolutely necessary.

    Other things to be careful of if you are very sensitive is foods that have free glutamates in them naturally such as mushrooms, parmesan, and over ripe tomatoes

    Eating out is tough and chinese food and fast food are the worst. Chains such as Chili's and TGI Fridays definitely have it in their spices and sauces. Red Robin burgers aren't too bad as long as you don't use their seasoning salt on the fries.

    The first thing I notice if it's in something is a cotton mouth type feeling and being unusually thirsty. The other symptoms take a little longer.
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    Here is another site that I located:
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    Thanks for posting! MSG is one of my migraine triggers and it's always good for me to know what not to eat. :smile:
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    I appreciate the food facts site as you add in your sensitivity or allergy and then you can check products for those things. It can take a bit of time but you can add the products that are safe for you into your own grocery list.

    Here is another site I have found.