Day 26

dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
Post here about D26 of the 30 Day Shred.

Ladies, you are almost there.. FOUR days!!


  • Jaynehr
    Jaynehr Posts: 167 Member
    I can't believe it's day 26 and I got through another night of 30 Day Shred L3. Great job everyone!
  • Zandia_1
    Zandia_1 Posts: 183 Member
    I was sick last night and I was contemplating not working out, but then "be strong than your excuses" popped into my head. I went ahead and did it and finished just before midnight. After all I only had the sniffles. :blushing:
  • kanncm
    kanncm Posts: 139 Member
    Day 26 done!
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    Done yesterday
  • Melissa132129
    Melissa132129 Posts: 205 Member
    Day 26 done!