How to count correctly for fit test

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Hey all! Sorry if this has come up before but I didn't see anything on the first couple of pages of the forum. I just got the Insanity DVDs today and just finished the fit test. In my background whenever I've done an exercise where you do it on the right and left you count both sides as 1. So for the switch kicks I got 55 by counting left+right = 1, then left again+right again = 2, and so on. But with the numbers they were getting it sounds like they were counting left = 1, right = 2, left again = 3, right again = 4.

I realize that it doesn't really matter since I'm just comparing my current results to my future results. I'm just also trying to figure out if this workout will be okay for me. If they were getting >100 switch kicks by counting the same way as me then I'm WAY behind them, which worries me about continuing. I've heard stories about people getting worn out just from the warm up. The warm up today was fine, but after the fit test I was definitely sweating bullets and felt tired. Will I be okay continuing or should I try something else first? Before this I was working out 4 days/week doing 60 minutes of cardio (arc trainer and elliptical lately, been too cold to run). I have lifted decent weight in the past, but not for awhile.



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    I was wondering the same thing. I took my 2nd fit test today. I'm counting right-left = 1, right-left = 2 and so on, like you. I guess it doesn't really matter which way you count as long as you're consistent. I got 58 today (56 for the first fit test) for those switch kicks. I was definitely sweating and feeling it after.

    You'll do great. Just do what you can and take breaks when needed.