when did you start doing light exercise?

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hello, i'm new here. My little man is just 2.5wks old, i feel great physically. I had a smooth delivery and fast recovery, barely tore so just 1 small stitch was possibly needed (Dr said she might put one, nurses told me the notes said she didn't, so I don't know, lol) I was wondering when did you start doing light activities/ exercises like walking, elliptical, light cardio, etc... ?


  • smb0701
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    congratulations on your little one. i would wait 6wks. even if you feel fine, you might just want to be on the safe side. i would even go so far as to say let it be 4wks minimum.
    hope this helps:smile:
  • Pepper2185
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    I started walking around 3-4 weeks. Nothing strenuous, just little 30 minute walks around the neighbourhood. Not every day, either.

    I had a 9lber au naturale, and I would get that "OMG my uterus is going to fall out" pressure until about 8 weeks PP.

    If your lady bits feel fine, and your bleeding doesn't increase, you're probably safe to start a bit of light activity. Just start very slowly, even though you feel fine, there's still a lot of healing going on in there.
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    I started walking early on, but I had a nasty tear/lots of stitches and soreness that kept my walks to slow, 15 minute treks around my block. By week 3 I managed 30 minutes (a slow 15 mins to Starbucks then back :laugh: ), and stuck with 30-45 minute walks until I was given the "all clear" at 6 weeks PP.

    I agree with the last part of what Pepper said, keep an eye on the bleeding and remember that you are still healing.
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    I just started doing light workouts again at 6 wks PP..but I had a c-section...
  • BeckyJill7
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    Most importantly, like everyone mentioned, you are still healing. Remember to listen to your body.

    I didn't feel up to exercising or doing anything beyond what was necessary until 5 wks pp. I started running again by 8 wks pp. Keep an eye on the bleeding and make sure to talk to your dr.

    Congrats on the little and hooray for feeling good!
  • mellynat
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    i felt great after 2nd baby a lot sooner then i did w my 1st.. i started slowly getting back on teh elliptical around 4 weeks pp. but my bleeding started again.. and wouldn't stop.. so i waited a few more weeks before going on again..recovery has been fast this 3rd time around too. but I don't think im going to start anything major till my 6 week apt.. and then i'm thinking to just start off w walking then up it up to the elliptical then running.. would love nothing more then to jump into my workouts hardcore. but i want and need my body to be fully recovered so i dont' do any damage..