Day 4

Lol, it's a cleaning day for me! My husband usually watches the super bowl and I just do my own things around the house, haha :)

I hope everyone is having a great "Day 4"!


  • livefreemm
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    Yeah, I'm not into Football.. neither is my honey.. So, I just put together a healthy crockpot chili for dinner then heading to the gym for a swim. First time using my crockpot, Lol, so wish me luck! :tongue:

  • foodcallsme
    Good luck with the crockpot! I've never used one before. Yum, chili sounds so good! We're making chicken fajitas at my house. I'm using the weight watcher tortilla wraps. I was going to make bbq chicken but, I have all these wraps to use and a green pepper that is getting soft. I'm going to cook the chicken with the green peppers, yum! I'm stuffing the wraps with 1/4 cup of white rice and a spoon of black beans with hot sauce. We also have some avocados that need to be cut. I might make a small guacamole. I've saved a few calories to eat this meal, lol :)

    I wish I had a gym nearby where I could swim... Have fun! :)
  • yonit1118
    I love the crock pot, there are great recipes online.. Between a husband, kids and work it comes in so handy. I missed the dietbet deadline online. I will join you next time around, but I will write posts for inspiration.
  • livefreemm
    livefreemm Posts: 86 Member
    Yeah, I did as well.. I mean this one that was put together. So, Yonit1118 let's do it next time for sure! :happy:

    So, the chili turned out pretty dang good! It kind of reminded me of Wendy's chili (which I actually love) but ground turkey instead of broken apart hamburger patties, LOL! :laugh:

    Let me know if you guys want the recipe I can post it on here..

    Today was the start of my dietbet challenge, and the pot doubled overnight! Holy Sheez! Its up to like 4,300 bucks! There's gonna be so many winners that we'll prob just end up getting our $35 bucks back, but oh well.:ohwell: I'm mainly doing it to just get a jump start on my weight loss.

    So what are goals for the week ladies?
    Just wondering what you have put together for your success.:drinker:

    Have a great Monday everyone!

  • DeterminedAshley
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    Ahh! Sorry I haven't been commenting. I've been helping my momma move!

    It was sooo hard for me not to make/have/eat our velveeta cheese dip :/:( I realllllly love and crave that stuff! Lol, instead. I made "pump up the jam cocktail weenies"

    I was able to have 9 for just over 200 calories, :D and I treated myself to coldstone. Cake batter frozen yogurt + cinnamon bun frozen yogurt + black cherries....OMG! yum.


    How are you guys doing this wonderful Monday afternoon? :)