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Someone put out a post a few days ago about different Whey Protein Shakes and recommendations. There was lots of opinions but the one that was recommended the most was:

They have all sorts of proteins; to build up, to help lose fat etc etc

They have tons of different flavours, cherry bakewell, banana smooth, butterscotch ripple, lemon shortcake, chocolate silk etc etc

It was recommended by a lot for the cherry bakewell, so I ordered it on the 3-5 day delivery for £1.99 (but it arrived the following day - as you as you order before 4pm). I tried the protein today, and it is lovely, mixes really well (no lumps) and didn't leave a horrible after taste either. 1kg was £24.99 for the whey 90 isolate (there are some cheaper and more expensive ones).

If you enter the code CM4167 then I get 500 loyalty points and you get a 'free' 250g (10 servings) of a protein shake of your choice of flavour.

Enjoy. x


  • andiechick
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    Thanks hunni..Did Jordan get sorted? xx
  • ChristineDiet
    ChristineDiet Posts: 719 Member
    Thanks hunni..Did Jordan get sorted? xx

    I ordered him some from theproteinworks as I was really impressed. Plus you get a free shaker when you spend more than £10 o it was a good buy. x
  • lou_lou_82
    lou_lou_82 Posts: 26 Member
    Thank you for posting this, had seen the cherry bakewell and was tempted, but now I'm definitely going to get some! Love cherry :-)
  • I wish I'd seen your post as I've just registered and ordered 2 kilos of Strawberries and Cream this afternoon...
  • ChristineDiet
    ChristineDiet Posts: 719 Member
    Just thought I'd update - I had the Banana Smooth this morning, and wow I love it, more than the cherry bakewell, if you like banana milkshake this is for you, tastes just like a proper milkshake and I made it with milk. x
  • GasnotGas
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    Cheers for the code, I'm going to order some vanilla.
  • sharonmunday90
    sharonmunday90 Posts: 129 Member
    My nutritinost suggested i get pea protein but unfortunately it doesnt come in flavours :-(
  • Microfiber
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    Do you need to order to get the freebie? I want to try it first before placing an order. I've used the code - what do I do next? Thanks.
  • sharonmunday90
    sharonmunday90 Posts: 129 Member
    How do i try before i buy?
  • DarrelBirkett
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    Just a quick 50c if I may. None of the protein will help lose fat. Whey protein is handy if you are not getting enough from real food sources (always the best choice). Often added to a PWO (post workout) shake where its important to refeed the muscles and begin the repair process (mixed with a good carb). Protein builds and repairs and thats it.

    I certainly wouldn't be using any supplement that suggests it enhanced fat loss.

    The question about Pea protein, was that due to dairy intolerance? if so you might look at soy protein.