Belly - When did you see changes?

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Hi ladies, I've been lifting heavy for a while, more consistently lately. I definitely see the difference in my arms and legs, and *starting* to see it in my butt...but my gut looks the same, and my pants are no looser. Just wondering when you all started seeing a difference in your belly area?


  • tameko2
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    It kind of depends on a lot of factors, including how much you have to lose, how consistent you are wiht a deficit, and how responsive your body is to one.

    If your belly is the last place you store fat (it is on me) it will be the absolute last place you see changes. For me it came in stages. there was an initial 'it looks better' moment within several weeks, and then very slowlyI got to see some mild definition in my upper abs, around my rib cage, but I've still got a lot of fat too and its ALL sitting on my belly so .... changes, I've seen throughout, but in terms of GOAL BELLY its been a year. Partly though that is my fault, I was not consistent with my deficit and I had a few periods of eating over.
  • Fittreelol
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    Gosh these body types are silly sometimes, but to help give you an idea- I'm a "V" shape when I'm thinner I remember taping 36/26/34 in HS. I definitely gain as an apple though. From 12/30 to 2/11 I've lost 1.5" off my natural waist, and 3.5" off my belly button. I've been doing 5x5 3/week, and maybe 20-30 minutes of cardio on those days. No other exercise really. Eating at a 200-300 calorie deficit because I love food!:love: Oh! I've always been pretty active with 1-2 month slacks here and there. Not sure if that matters, but I swear some people have never exercised then they do a crunch, and it's a magical 8 inches off their waist.

    As Tameko said it really depends on like eight thousand different factors, but those are mine :laugh:
  • osualex
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    I saw a change immediately, in 2 weeks I lost an inch off my waist. But, I store fat in my thighs, and guess what hasn't gone down yet - yep, my thighs. If you've always had a big belly in proportion to the rest of you, you may just need to be patient. Trust me, I know the feeling...
  • Mads1997
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    I've been at it for at few months now, the first place i started to see the loss was my collarbones started to poke through. Now my tummy is shrinking, Ive lost 1.5 kilograms off my tummy this month. My pants are getting much looser.
  • iorahkwano
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    My waist is actually getting bigger right now because I'm bulking (Eating over my TDEE to gain muscle. Gaining some fat along the way is inevitable). I feel like I'm getting more muscle in my core, especially from squats! I'm hoping when I stop bulking & do the cutting phase, there'll be some nice shapely muscles there!