Oscar Pistorius to appear in court charged with murder !!



  • TheKitsune6
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    Who's the new picture of Florian? Your family??
    No, it's just a cute valentine couple.

    Is it my imagination or is one of them holding a very large elecric drill?
    Perhaps he's just happy to see her! :bigsmile:

    I'm pretty sure that's a chainsaw.

    He's happy to see her. He's displeased with the photographic evidence though.
  • meshashesha2012
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    weird story. although i have friends from south africa and i remember one was freaked out that she slept through a thunderstorm (here in the US). she was like i cant believe i did that, in johannesburg thunderstorms are the time when houses broken into because the thieves use the thunder as a cover for the noise.