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I see a lot more people saying they are from Columbus, Edinburg, southern Indiana. Anyone interested in a daily chat, or getting to know each other better? Might be a great way to let everyone know what's out there -- the upcoming new marathon, the yearly races, places to go, great places to eat, etc! I'd love to hear from you!

As an intro, my name is Rachel, I live in Columbus, near 25th and Central. We've lived here almost 5 years. Hubby works at Cummins, I work in a tiny graphic design office almost at the east edge of town, near the Columbus Skateland. We have 3 kids -- 2 that attend Northside Middle School, the youngest goes to CSA Fodrea. We love it here and while I am enjoying the fact that my kids are able to walk to school and therefore don't need to be picked up (not much taxi-ing for me!), I am looking forward to moving outside of town someday. Probably 3-5 years from now. Hoping for maybe a nice wooded lot west of town, not in a subdivision, just all on our own. For now, we enjoy our neighborhood and are enjoying getting to know others here.

My only wish is that someday they'll extend the People Trails to the east. Or at least add shoulders to 25th street? I actually live close enough to work that I could ride my bike, but 25th Street is the main route I'd have to ride and it can be quite scary.


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    Sounds fab! I'm in Columbus as well and would love to know the goings on! I am a member at Columbus Fit but haven't been in a couple of months due to work, family illness, death, and then losing my job. But I am ready to start training for bike season!!
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    I'm in Columbus. My husband also works at Cummins. We live near Ceraland, so that's where I work out. I'm planning to run the Mill Race 1/2 marathon in September. Our kids are out of college and working - Yay! Our oldest actually lives just south of 25th St. in the McCullough's Run area (he also works at Cummins). I am an RN by training, but am not working. Love to garden and quilt and work on getting more and more fit! We've lived here nearly 26 years. Our kids went to Rockcreek, Northside MS, then East HS. Have really enjoyed this community. Maybe we can meet up sometime for a People Trail walk or jog. Beth
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    Hello to you both! Beth, I visit Ceraland a lot in the summer so maybe I'll see you there sometime! We use our passes to swim in the evenings after work, and sometimes we haul our trailer out there to camp. It's really a nice park! Sarah, do you bike a lot? I used to ride mine to work but now the kids are home all summer (instead of daycare) so I want to have my car for easier trips to and from work. I'm only 3 miles from home to the office, but that's a long 3 miles if someone needed a hospital! Well, this summer will be their third summer at home so I might feel better about taking off on my bike. I might need a new one though. Or a serious tune-up on the one I have. The kids use it a lot :(

    I haven't joined any of the fitness facilities here. We have a tread climber and an elliptical in our basement plus tons of hand weights, bars, a bench, a punching bag, and dozens of videos. Plus two of my kids run cross country so I go out with them when I can. We also hike a lot and we camp - we love getting outside!

    Beth, my kids have gone to Schmitt, then we moved them to Fodrea when it became a signature academy. Now 2 are in Northside, and one will be in North next year. Rockcreek was one of the schools we wanted the kids in but we also wanted to be in town. I thought things would be ok at Schmitt but it was going downhill fast.

    I am considering the 1/2 this fall too. I walked the mini up in Indy at least 5 times. I'd love to do a run/walk here!

    Gotta get some water...
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    I am in Columbus also! My name is Cassie. I work from home as my husband and I run a wedding entertainment company - DJ, event lighting, Wedding Officiant. . My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years. Lived in Columbus for almost 10 years and I LOVE it! I live around Central and 19th! I have a daughter in 3rd grade at St Peters.

    Last night on 25th street, I noticed flags up in front of Arby's, 5th 3rd, etc. I wonder if they are putting in sidewalks along there. It is desperately needed!

    I look forward to meeting more people in Columbus!
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    Hello everyone! I am from Columbus too. I am a first time mom with one little guy who is 5 weeks old. He was born at 28 weeks due to complications but, should be home soon. I'd love to see some kind of group form, support is so hard to get !
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    Hello to you both! Wow, a 5-week old? My youngest is 10 so it's been awhile since I had that small of a child around! Enjoy!

    Cassie, I am pretty close to you - I'm near 25th & Central, back behind that strip mall where the aldi used to be. I saw those flags too -sidewalks would be great all along 25th!

    Gotta work, back later...
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    Hi I'm up in Edinburgh, no kids but been married for almost 5 years (this May). Decided I needed to get healthy before we started trying for a family, so here I is. :) Still trying to find an exercise that I like, but for now I'm walking. Grew up in Columbus and moved to Edinburgh 4 years ago, and loving it. Just wish we had some type of gym or fitness center close by, kinda hard to drive into town and pay for the gym with gas being so high. :(
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    Hello everyone! I am from Columbus too. I am a first time mom with one little guy who is 5 weeks old. He was born at 28 weeks due to complications but, should be home soon. I'd love to see some kind of group form, support is so hard to get !

    Congratulations on your new baby! Is he at Columbus Regional? I used to work in the OB Dept. here, but it was back when it was Bartholomew County Hospital. I worked special care nursery, so know all about those cute little growing premies! Hope he comes home really soon.

    I'm going to send some friend requests, so we Columbus (and Edinburgh) gals can link up a bit more. Nice to hear a bit about everyone. Beth
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    I'm new to Columbus, moved here less than a year ago, and would love to meet people interested in hiking, biking and such.
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    Welcome everyone! So glad there are more of us here.

    Beth, I remember when we were looking for a house here the realtor went on and on about the hospital and how great it was. We moved here in July of 2008 though and it was still under repair from the flood! I had a bike wreck in September and got shipped up to Methodist. Still, it is a good hospital - we've had a few times we had to go there and I've not had many complaints.

    I love to hike too. Mostly I go to brown county for that but we hit the People Trails too. I wish 25th Street had shoulders or sidewalks - I could bike to work. I still might.

    Any weekend plans?
  • Hey! (I'm a little late for this sorry!) I am also in Columbus. I am near 25th & Taylor. I just graduated a from a quasi military academy and I am still trying to get back into the swing of things now that I am back home.
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    Hey guys! Im located in Columbus also! I work for Developmental Services and My boyfriend works at NTN. We are near Marr & Rockyford.
    I don't know about you guys but I CANNOT wait until it gets warmer so I can take my son out and go on walks in the evenings! He has had a terrible winter with pneumonia and colds and since he pretty much goes wherever I go, I don't want to risk getting (more) him sick in order to get a walk in.
    If anyone ever wants to meet up and walk with us feel free to add me, message me etc. I could definitely use some people to talk to about all of the things that go along with weight loss! Plus seeing everyone on my feed doing super heathly diaries and burning crazy amounts of calories makes me want to get my booty in gear that much more!
    I am terrible with will power and self control, holidays and sweets are my sworn enemies, I swear. Between unhealthy foods, over eating, and desserts and candy, I could use some friends to keep me focused :)
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    Wow didn't even see these posts! Been busy :(

    Anyone notice the new sidewalks going in at 25th and Central in front of Arby's? Love that! If they take them all the way to Lincoln park, I could get on the right side of the road on my bike when I ride to work. Right now I use the sidewalks on the mall side and take them down to Marr and cross there. It'll be so much easier just crossing at Central! I live just north of that strip mall so it's perfect.

    Wishing it was warmer, but my husband and I have been getting out for walks in the morning. Just around our neighborhood for now. Looking forward to lighter skies in the evenings for more time outside.

    Welcome everyone! Would love to chat more if anyone wants?
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    Greetings! I am also located in Columbus :) Would be great to have local motivation, thinking of joining Columbus Fit but want to be sure I commit "emotionally" I get busy with my kiddos. Have a great day everyone! Get up, Get Moving...
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    Should be nice this weekend! Finally!!! What are your plans to get outside?
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    I see that it's been a while since anyone posted here, but hoping that does not mean everyone is gone. I am also from Columbus, and out 25th St towards Talley Rd. We moved in town last year from out near E-town. I am a wanna-be bicyclist. I got a new one, rode in the Girlfriend Ride, and haven't gotten on it since. :( I need a bicycle buddy for early evenings and/or weekends!!!