baby refusing to breast feed?!

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So I have been exclusively breastfeeding my LO, he's 6.5wks now and he's screaming when I put him to nurse. He's not wanting to eat very well and this has hurt my supply big time so I started pumping after and ofcourse he's still hungry so have no choice but to give him expressed milk.I honestly don't know what to do anymore, he gets so frustrated that he'll spit up a lot. He seems to be thinning out too. I don't know what wrong with him, this has been going on for past 4-5 days and I can't see him like this anymore. Anyone else have similar issues?


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    I haven't experienced the same thing, but I know that what you're going through must be really frustrating! I hope it passes quickly so you and baby can get back to your normal feeding routine.

    My first thought was that your little one might be sick, or that your milk might have a different taste lately. Or it's just a nursing strike.

    If you're really worried, make an appt. with your doctor - even if its just to ease your stress!

    Some good info here, and some great links at the bottom of the page:
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    I had similar issues, but for me it was because I had to go back to the hospital shortly after Gideon was born , and he got used to the bottle. I second the rec to rule out illness first by talking to your doctor. I would also really recommend trying to find a good lactation consultant. I met with one when I was at the point of giving up, and she helped me so much. Gideon hasn't had a bottle in nearly two weeks, and I give all credit to that LC for helping me.
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    It might be thrush. Does your LO have white spots in his mouth? Not on the tongue but on the gums and the sides of the cheeks (on the inside)? This can make it painful for him to feed. One other reason I heard for nursing strikes is forceful letdown, where too much milk at once overwhelms the baby.. had you noticed him choking on your milk prior to the strike? I'm sure there are other possible reasons, these are just two that I learned about when researching various things.
    A visit to a lactation consultant might be really helpful and you should also discuss it with his ped as you mentioned it might be affecting his weight gain.
    HUGS and I hope things get better.
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    I haven't experienced this but I agree with the ladies and suggest speaking to a lactation consultant. The hospital I delivered at had a nursing clinic I could stop in to- they are awesome! *hugs*
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    Could it be colic? Perhaps try infacol and gripe water. My daughter had bad colic about this age.
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    HI -

    As someone suggested it might be thrush or it could even be gas or reflux of some kind. My son did this as well and it turned out he had an allergy to dairy which was causing reflux. Talk to a lactation consultant or even your pedi. Once I got all the dairy out of my system, he was much better.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for the replies. Now that you all mention it, it can be a few of those things. I recently started drinking nursing support tea around the time he started acting up. I wonder if the fenugreek from the tea is causing gas and different taste? Also I noticed he does choke up once my milk starts flowing and pulls away and cries. I started soothing him and it seems like he;s doing better, I also stopped drinking the tea to see if thats what's causing it. He does vomit quite a bit and his vomit is pretty watery with and cottage cheese type milk, so I don't know what that means. He just started vomiting like that last week, before he was spitting up just milk. So it can be quite a few things.If hes still like this by tomorrow, I'll call the lactation consultant and see what they think.
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    oh, its not thrush, I checked around in his mouth and he seems clear.

    edit* I wonder if its colic too, hes pretty unconsolable at bed type. he screams and has a hard time falling asleep, but once he's sleeping, he sleeps really good, 6-7hrs. I will try gripe water tonight if he is the same.
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    I think lots of good advice already. For my guy, we used the nipple shield from about 5 days old, so even though I had a horribly fast and hard letdown, it slowed it enough for him. Now that he's almost 5 months and not using the shield, he's big enough to handle my fast letdown anyways.

    The cottage cheese spit up sounds normal; its just been down a bit longer. As long as it doesn't develop into projectile vomit and of course as long as baby is gaining well, I wouldn't worry about that except as a laundry issue. :)

    I've heard quite often that drinking or taking fenugreek can cause a taste change and/or belly pain for the nurslings.

    Could be a nursing strike due to the letdown; try either hand expressing just a bit, or pumping just past the letdown. This will relieve some of the pressure so baby doesn't have as much to 'choke' on. Try not to use any bottles, just because you've already noticed that affected your supply. Baby could be frustrated at the breast if he is used the ease of the bottle and maybe the letdown isn't happening as soon as he would like. I might also suggest nursing in different positions, like side lying in bed, because then if there's too much milk, he can just let it dribble out while he's nursing. Or maybe that hurts his belly, so try a more upright position. Another thing you can try to help any belly pain would be burping really well, especially when changing sides.

    You know your baby and I hope you find what works! Sending love!
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    aww i feel for you.. hang in there.. it takes about 2 to 3 months for your body and your baby to adjust to breast feeding.

    i found that my baby(5 month old now) would refuse to feed if he was gassy or had an old burp that needed to come out or if he was overtired... make sure he isnt gassy or needs a burp and that he gets plenty of rest during the night and day as well..
    if he's gassy try gripe water or pro biotic drops or try doing the "bicycle manoevre on him to get the gas out" you can google it..

    as well i heard that if you eat some garlic.. makes your milk taste good for the baby... as well limit your amount of caffeine...

    i hope things turn around.. don't give up
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    If you feel like its a supply issue, you could offer supplement through an at-the-breast supplemented, like a Medela SNS or a lacy-aid. You might also want to consider briefly reducing the dairy in your diet, in case LO has an intolerance.