New to my fitness pal, how to workout with a toddler?

Hi everyone, I'm quite new to this fitness app and I'm finding it a challenge to fit in my exercises especially having a toddler dancing around my toes lol. I work full time and often feel tired after picking my son up from nursery. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can fit a workout into my day? Toddler in tow


  • RunIntheMud
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    Jogging stroller....trips to the park....gym that has a daycare....workout before/after your child wakes up.

    There are so many small things you can do with your child that will give them healthy habits from the start...taking walks every night, going for hikes, walking up stairs instead of taking elevators or escalators, more trips out of the house on the weekend doing "active" activities for both of you. A day at the zoo or aquarium can be exhausting for both of you.
  • Meghan0116
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    Welcome! I go to the gym before I pick my son up from daycare. It helps that I pass by the gym to get him though. :) Before the gym, I would do dvds in the morning before he woke up.
  • brookelynn2005
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    I work out at home. I am a single mom to a 8,7,4,2 year old children.

    I found a Elipical on free cycle.
    I have bought Jillians 30 DS and 30 Days Ripped.
    I get my kids to join in. They even have small canned goods to use as weights.
    I turn on music and we jump and dance around (great calorie burner)
    Do you have stairs? I run the stairs at least 5 minutes everyday. It burns 96 calories per 5 minutes :) and its great for the legs!!

    As you work out your tiredness will fade. I am on week 4 down 10 lbs and have soooo much more energy!! I work 50+ hours a week and would have never thought I could feel like this in such a short amount of time!
    Good Luck!!
  • JanieJack
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    Taught my boy since he was a baby that when mommy is exercising he is to stay out of the way. My son knows that if he gets in my way not only will he get kicked (or hit with a weight) but he will also be punished, so it only happened once or twice when he wasn't paying attention. He has some of his own equipment now, and I have videos starting from when he was 2 of him trying to workout with me. My favorite is when he was doing ball pilates as a 3 year old. Hilarious.

    This is an excellent time to both build an appreciation that "fitness is important" and teach your toddler how to occupy himself for 20-30 minutes a day when you get home (or after dinner, or wherever), a skill that will really pay off as the child gets older.

    When my son got old enough (about 5-6) to play on his own for about an hour, I would take to the gym and do an aerobics class while he sat in the corner playing with cars or his video game. Then, as a reward, I would get check out some racquetball gear and let him hit the ball around a bit. He now runs (and walks) 5Ks with me, and is old enough to ride his bike in the park while I run.

    Just PLEASE don't do like this one mom did: she would let her son (who is the same age as mine) roam around the gym and get in our way while we're working with weights, swinging things around, etc.
  • ichoose2believe
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    and is old enough to ride his bike in the park while I run.
    I am working with my kiddo on this one. He just got his big boy bike this week. I hope that soon we can take it to the park and I can start my C25k program.
  • Rachel_Virginia_
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    I strap my 27pound toddler onto my back generally with a mei tai (infantino like 30$) and have at it. He LOVES IT. Giggles galore. I generally start out by myself. but once he gets in the way a couple times he generally disapears and comes back with the wrap in tow :)