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Hello all, just a short introduction post here. Whats everyone's name? Where is everyone from? How long have you been competing or wanting to compete? and any other info you might want to share with the group!


  • chrisdavey
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    I'm Chris, I'm 30 and haven't competed yet but will be going in first novice comp in April in >80kg class.

    Event has:
    deadlifts for 90s
    log C&P for 90s
    farmers walks 20m
    tyre flips 20m
    atlas stone over yoke

    Can't wait :smile:
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    Thats great Chris! Good luck with it all! What would you say you feel is your weakest and strongest event at the show?
  • porffor
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    Hi, I'm a wannabe strongwoman :) I'm 41 and live in Wales (UK). I've been a fan of strongman for as long as I can remember (literally).

    Training for an event on 12th May - Wales strongest woman
    deadlift 120kg
    Axel press 40kg
    yoke 180kg for 15 m / 75 seconds
    farmers walk 70kg each hand - straight into duck walk of 70kg (both 15m each)
    atlas stone 80kg over low yoke for as many reps in 75 seconds

    I've come from Powerlifting but have only competed once (squat 60kg / bench 35kg / deadlift 85kg) in january..
    I'm progressing, but am pushing with a view to competing in this rather than wait a year till the next comp. :) I'm told it's not crazy.. my current lifts are Deadlift 90kg 3x3 (100kg to my thigh), clean and press 27.5kg (gonna try 30kg this week) and squatting 70kg.

    I've got a stone coming this tuesday at 50kg for practice and have been doign light medleys for cardio / practice. Also duck walk / farmers in the gym with dumbbells - at 25kg each hand at the moment but putting it up 10kg every week. :)
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    Im Steve ive been competing in strongman since 2009 im now 22 and its 2013 ...i compete in NAS and am a card holding amature like evryone else,I got the honor of getting certified to train strongman from Svend Karlsen more than anything it was just cool to hangout with him...ill be competing again in may i live in Pennsylvania im drug free ....feel free to ask me anything
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    Power lifted for 12 years and stopped, got back into a little over a year ago. Been doing crossfit for 4 months to help with my flexibility and to strengthen the muscles around the joints. I've always loved the strongman competitions. So I'm here and listening.

    Tim 46 years old 6'3" 250 lbs.
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    I'm Ben. I've been competing in the 105kg class since 2004. I've got 40+ contests under my belt with a few wins here and there. I took the last year off because of the baby and the new house, but I'm ready to start getting at it again.
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    I'm Tim, I just started training 5 weeks ago. So far, I have trained with log press, stones, fat bar deadlift, sandbag carry, circus dumbbell, yoke, axle press and farmers walk.

    Looking at July for my first time competing.
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    Glad to see the group is growing! Nice to meet all of you! Good luck with training and future shows. Stay safe and stay strong.
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    Hey Everyone!

    I am Holly. I have been competing for the last 18 months and love the sport. I also train general aerobics, crossfit and endurance sports as well.

    Hope everyone is having a good contest season!
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    Hey! I'm Brandie and I've been training for strong(wo)man since september and I'm getting ready to do my first competition on Feb 8!!! I'm so nervous but excited! I've also been training in powerlifting as well and am considering a powerlifting comp in April. I'm 34 and live in indiana!
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    Hi I'm Tree, and excited to be part of possibly the smallest group on MFP :drinker:

    I started lifting a bit over a year ago, and had my first powerlifting meet a couple months ago. I train at a Strongman gym and there's always friendly pressure to compete in Strongman. My gym has "strongman saturdays" where there's all kinds of fun toys to play with. I always seem to miss stone day though :laugh: Now that I have my powerlifting jitters out of the way I'm considering a strongman show. Just need to find one that doesn't interfere with current scheduling.