Music Discussion

Arack118 Posts: 8 Member
Lets be serious, we are always looking for new music for that little adrenaline jolt. Anyone recommend any artists or certain songs they like to train/compete to?


  • chrisdavey
    chrisdavey Posts: 9,835 Member
    just discovered five finger death punch. Some great heavy stuff (for me).
  • mideon_696
    mideon_696 Posts: 770 Member
    pantera, slayer, sepultura, metallica, megadeth.

    by goto artists for PB's. :p
  • Z_I_L_L_A
    Z_I_L_L_A Posts: 2,399 Member
    Older Metallica stuff, Disturbed, Korn, anything loud and screaming in my ear.
  • porffor
    porffor Posts: 1,212 Member
    I need to relisten to 5 finger death punch.. I'm not into 'roaring' metal but my friend is mad on them.. I did listen to them but too much for me socially, think in the gym they could work though. :)

    I love Metallica, Kiss, AC/DC, Faith No more, Danzig, Anthrax, WASP, Motorhead etc.. some of my 'cool down' or quiet days stuff includes Imelda May and some other 50's bits. :)