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If you have any recommendations, concerns or comments about and programs this is the place to talk about them!


  • chrisdavey
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    Wondering how people implement the conditioning side of strongman. I have a few events that are 90seconds in length. Coming from powerlifting where you just have to do it one time, this is quite different.

    I have been dedicating 2 days a week to higher rep stuff aiming for that 90second mark.

    Then other days of the week aiming for 8rep maxes and then another day for 3-5 rm's. Trying to keep a good balance of strength to conditioning.

  • littlebigsteve
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    sled work especially backwards drags facing the implement, lots of log clean and presses with a medium weight best if you use a log, and after you flip a tire 3 times jump on it ten times....i dont do the tire thing every session as it is a real asskicker
  • littlebigsteve
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    every strongman ive ever done at least once in the show i thought i was going to puke
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    I do power lifting 3 times a week and crossfit 3 times a week until I need a break. I remember back in the day me and my brothers would push a 1 ton van across the parking lot after squats or leg day to finish up. We would time each other, we didn't have a sled or anything. But I remember puking in the parking lot,lol.
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    I've been doing regular PL training with assistance stuff till now, but am adding event training as much as I can now.

    so my training is looking like this:

    Deadlifts (including rack pulls and pendlay rows)
    Squats (front and back) Straight leg deadlifts
    clean and press / OHP and some back work - mixing this up a bit but includes the usual pull downs / rows / pull ups / tricep work

    then event work
    farmers holds / farmers walks
    duck walk
    stones - at the moment this is prep for stones so lifting a sack of 22kg as if it was a stone from floor to 4'

    Soon to add Yoke, tyre and log

    My issue at the moment with events is getting my hands on the equipment, I've got a 50kg stone that is currently too heavy to lift so am going to make a 40kg sack too to help me get to the stone weight. And the rest I need to travel 60 miles to get to. Hoping to add a log to my home kit soon.